Fishing Abilities Inc. - Manufacturing and distributing adaptive fishing devices and Fishing Systems to physically challenged individuals
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Your donation will help us with R&D to come up with new products to help more people!

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Welcome to Fishing Abilities Inc.


Welcome to Fishing Abilities, Inc. we are glad that you found us and hope we can help you out. Please pass this on to anybody you think might benefit from our services.

We are a non-for profit organization dedicated to helping physically challenged individuals to be able to enjoy the great sport of fishing! We currently have "The FreedomFISHR™ Power-Assist Fishing Reel System" which is a "One Armed Fishing System" which is what the title says, for someone who only has use of one arm. We are also working on "The BadurMATE™ Fishing System" which is for someone who does not have any use of their arms. You can see in the video Here.

As we know no two disabilities are the same, we are willing to work with you with different switch configurations (such as joystick, head control, sip and puff etc.) to ensure that you will be able to fish. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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